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With SPAMFree you will never receive another piece of unwanted email again

There are a million reasons you would fund a project like this. This project will produce an app that will give you (the user) absolute control over your email inbox. It will keep all SPAM and unwanted senders out.
You don't have to replace your email address(es), whether you have one email address or several, SPAMFree will filter out all the trash.

4/29/2020 8:00 PM
10/30/2020 8:00 PM


Tired of all that SPAM?

We are too, and so is everyone else we talk to. So we are doing something about it with SPAMFree.

What is SPAMFree?

SPAMFree is a simple to use web app. Designed for regular people who value their time. SPAMFree eliminate 100% of all email you consider SPAM, unwanted, or if you want block legitimate but abusive or annoying senders. 

If you have been around for 5-10 years or longer you email address has already been sold or compromised several times. And as you know, once on the web you are always on the web. That is until now. SPAMFree is the first of a family of apps that extends you complete control.   

With SPAMFree you become the primary owner the list no matter how many places you are subscribed. Chances are you have tried to unsubscribe but nothing happened. You can never completely unsubscribe when thousands of lists with your email address are being sold over and over. That's what may unscrupulous websites do when they start running out of money, sell you like a thing to punish you for . 


How is SPAM mitigated today? 

Today's email services go through many hoops to reduce the amount of SPAM you find in your inbox. Unfortunately Spammers never stop trying to beat the system, in turn, enough SPAM makes it through all the algorithms, heuristic tests and artificial intelligence applied to stop it. You may see less SPAM on your inbox, but is still SPAM. It is up to you whether or they annoy you or you feel they endanger you.  

Let's start with reporting SPAM. Has it worked for you? Most say NO.

Do you know how to setup your mail account to mitigate SPAM? NO. It is too geeky for most humans.

Why is no one making a real effort to eliminate SPAM? The answer is simple, checkout the SPAM market.

SPAM Market size 

the SPAM Industry benefits from $200 Million per year, while the cost to society is as high as $50 Billion per year. 
Read more external...  Spam Costs You A Lot More Than You’d Think include static article link

The image below associates losses due to SPAM and poor communication practices.

From www.huffingtonpost.com "Both automobile exhaust and spam email produce what economists call negative externalities, a spillover cost of a transaction that others in society have to pay. For spam, like we said, it’s money spent on filters and time spent deleting."


Why SPAM wont stop or be stopped anytime soon by anyone but you? 
Because is good business for all of those that want to take advantage of you.

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Spam Market Infrastructure

In the digital world no one can hear you scream

Spam mediation and protection

Spam mediation is done mostly with filters that can easily be bypassed. Organizations such as Spamhous.orgSpamcop.netSpamTitan Spam Protection.  A continuous war between spammers, anti spammers organizations and you. With SPAMFree no more war.

To reduce spam, businesses spend incredible amounts of money. Reducing spam directly translates into increased productivity. Every extra dollar spent and every minute of productivity missed is reflected in the prices of goods and services we all have to pay. 

While most email users rely on their email provider, or on setting up filters or blacklist; spammers know better, they can change their methods at the flip of a coin, and what worked stops working again. 

The solution

  • Bad list them all the easy way, by Good listing only the senders you want to allow to communicate with you. 
  • SPAMFree is a sophisticated email servers filtering app. It separates the emails you want with what you don't want. Most importantly it is made for people not for geeks. 
  • With SPAMFree you are the police, the judge, and the executor. You have complete control. You start by selecting the senders you want. You never have to opt-out from annoying senders, you simply take them off your Good list.
  • For the first time with SPAMFree you own the list. The day will come when businesses will ask you to add them to your Good Mail list. Or maybe we can add a third list you can name yourself.
  • Best of all, SPAMFree is a web app. All you need to make it simpler is a bookmark.

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SPAMFree has side effects

Warning! with SPAMFree there are side effects. 

  • What seemed like deleting SPAM "the way of live" is now gone.
  • Even if for 1 minute, with SPAMFree you have time to do more.
  • to be more, to live longer, that is why we say SPAMFree "expands and extends life".

How does SPAMFree do it? 

  • SPAMFree comes only with 2 lists, Bad List and Good List. 
  • The first time you look at your email will be in the Bad List. 
  • Now you check off all your Good List.
  • Close the Bad List and the mail you checked is now in the Good List. 
  • You don't see the email you have been waiting for? 
    • Click the Bad List button. 
    • Check the sender you been waiting for, and voila.
    • Your new sender email now mingles with the Good List. 
    • Always only mail you want. 
  • and, if Good sender go bad you can check them out without warning.


More on how SPAMFree works

In plain English. 

Don't have to change your email address, and you can have more that one email account. 

  • You login to your email provider, this is usually a mail server such as GMail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, HotMail, etc. You use more than one email provider? No Problem, just login to them one at a time. 
  • SPAMFree searches your email account and shows you all the emails senders so you can select which are important to you. 
  • SPAMFree will ask you if you want to include any one else.
  • Done.

SPAMFree now takes control, from time to time it will ask a question which you can answer yes or no. 

  • You can manually add any new friend or email address you want to exchange email with.
  • Every time you send an email to a new email address it will automatically becomes part of the Good. 
  • You can also give SPAMFree general orders and it will obey. 
  • On SPAMFree you can receive and send mail just like any mail app.
  • Most importantly, you always have total control of your inbox.

SPAMFree Features and Benefits

Get your email from anywhere you can login, have a domain name? want your SPAMFree to work with your domain? No Problem. 

Following the release of SPAMFree, Calendar, Things To Do, Notes, and more will become available for you to build your own custom communication hub. All apps connect and integrate with your favorite social media channels. Most apps are free. Some may have a very small price tag. Primarily because the app uses resources and no advertising is allowed.

  • Things To Do - allows you keep a list of things you want to keep track of or be reminded of, it allows you to invite your Facebook friends and other social channels to help you or join you. 
  • Calendar - Set your appointments, reminder, and much more.
  • Notes -  Use it for anything you can think for., anything you want to use it for. 
  • A complete list of ready and planned apps will be published on your dashboard.

Always keep in mind, no matter what you always have 100% control over your inbox, no advertising ever unless you select it. Only you know what is best for you. 

Contribute now and get it $10 for a life time.  

Time line start here 

Project funding and distribution

SPAMFree has been designed and a prototype of its functionalities has been built. This funding is primarily required to make the app scalable to the number of users expected to use SPAMFree and legal work. We are already working in combining the features to make SPAMFree work as a single app. We expect that once Crowd Funding efforts begin SPAMFree should be ready for testing within 4-6 weeks, with the production version running soon after. You will have nothing to install. SPAMFree is and 100% cloud based. You will be able to access it from the link sent to you and from millions of participating websites featuring free-light-apps entry point.  

Regarding your money and your purchase. You are guaranteed to get 100% refund if requested before we start using the funding. Else you will be reimbursed based on the remaining funds. 

Example: if you request a refund while we are using the funds and we have already used 20% you qualify for 80% refund. 

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