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Trial Version If Available Fantasy Island Live Placemat Advertising
Trial Version If Available Fantasy Island Live Placemat Advertising
Pleasure Island Placemat Work in progress Renovated Dining Room One of the most ordered drinks Menu Variety One of our favorite dishes Dining Room
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Ad space for Fantasy Island Momzey Placemats. Trial Version If Available

Ad size 6 to 7 square inches. Purchase also includes Momzey Business Page with apps as required for an effective customer engagement. Available apps: Specials, Blog, Sell Gift Certificates and up to 5 products online*, Request for Quote, Simple Booking, Feedback/Reviews, Contact Us, Articles and recipes, and more... please ask your customer service for what is most appropriate for you.  Always Search Engine Optimized

Trial will run on 8,000 placemats for approximately 4 months.  You will have enough time to realize whether this ad works for you. After 3 months you will have the option to renew for another year for just $350 

Once renewed your ad will run for another 24,000 placemats for a total of 32,000 or 16 months. A for month bonus just for trying us out. 

Everyone who has already paid $450 will also automatically get the extra 8,000 placemats.

Purchase 2 or 3 for a banner ad for a combined ad space of approximately 13 - 20 square inches.


A well furnished Momzey Business Page can act as your web site, will never highlight or even mention your competition and all apps used on your page can also be used on your website. Edit content in one location, update everywhere.  

As the owner of the Momzey Business Page you have access to make changes as you wish.  

Refund policy: If placemats are not printed, your payment will be fully refunded.