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Mother's Project

8/6/2017 8:00 PM
5/30/2018 8:00 PM

Mother’s Project

The genesis of this project had its beginning in a Third World country, amid a numerous family mired in poverty and deprivation.  It was the Mother who assumed the responsibility of providing for her children by starting a cottage industry to produce saleable items.  In this case, these were decorative and useful kitchen accessories, produced by the gross that local Sears stores sold to retail customers in several cities.  The tangible benefits of the extra income made a positive difference in the nutrition, education, medical care and well-being of her ten children then living with her.  This happened over forty years ago when the Internet did not exist.

Presently, we possess the ability to deliver IT and logistic services to local and overseas mothers in the US and Third World so that all can work to generate income that will improve the living standard of their families.  The necessary support tasks to make these micro enterprises, not only possible, but successful, can all be delivered and coordinated through the Internet.

In our Merrimack Valley we have immigrants and first generation residents who have families in Asia and Latin America who can benefit from cottage industries whose products can be sold in our market with the cooperation of local mothers who identify and promote marketable items for their ethnic community.  The impact of a few hundred dollars per month of additional income makes a marked difference in the living standard of families living in poverty in Third World countries.  The purchasing power of the dollar is still strong in most Third World nations so it is the case that we get a bigger bang for the buck there.

The main reason for this fundraiser is to provide the initial capital to buy tools such as: sewing machines, hand power tools, supplies and raw materials needed to equip the family of the microenterprise to produce saleable items in our market.  These funds will be provided in the form of low interest bearing micro loans that will start to become payable once its products begin to generate income.

In addition, we will seek technical assistance from local NGOs who have experience in the development and management of micro enterprises to improve the chances for success for projects under our consideration.  Another aim is to make success not only possible, but replicable.  In the US we are in the unique position of having every nation of the world represented among our citizenry; this fact makes it possible to reach almost every village where families can start their cottage industries.

The question of why mothers come the fore.  Culturally, it is the mother who is the financially responsible adult member of the family; often women living in poverty in the Third World receive little or no financial support from their mates so initiatives such as this become a welcome opportunity to better the lives of their children.  

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