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*You are contributing to a fundraising effort initiated to obtain the funding required to finish the SPAMFree app. This is not an investment in the company. Perks are meant to be pre-order of the app at a very low price. 

  • $10: One SPAMFree lifetime license to use from wherever you are. One username and password to access.
  • $18: Two SPAMFree lifetime licenses, one for you and one for a friend or how you want to to use from wherever you are. Two usernames and 2 passwords to access.


  • Lifetime licenses will no longer be available once the fundraising is terminated and SPAMFree is released to the general public. The target price for SPAMFree is set for $10/year for single users. Family license $25 first time and $15 year for 5 users.  
  • Business edition lalal


Pre-Order SPAMFree licenses from above or by clicking here or the Contribute button. 

The Company

HookedOnLocal.com is the company sponsoring this fundraiser. 

The Team

Franc Simari
Franc regularly breaks and redesigns our web apps. This time is SPAMFree. Franc is the primary designer and project manager. SPAMFree is designed to assure its users will never receive a piece of SPAM for as long as they wish. 
ON SPAMFree, Franc works very close internally with the team and externally with legal to assure all systems are ready to go.

The Platform

Primarily designed for simplicity of use. There will be nothing to install, 100% cloud based, and by the time you start using it you will be wondering how can something that looks so simple, where I have to do next to nothing, can do so much.
SPAMFree will start by asking simple questions, meanwhile it will establish a database with what is important to you and the basis for learning how to interpret incoming notification.
Because computers are really not perfect, you still have the option to view your email filtered with no SPAM or unfiltered with SPAM. Here you can make exceptions and re-instruct SPAMFree any time you want. From now on please enjoy a SPAMFree life. 
SPAMFree is a stand alone and sub-app of CHaO (Communication Hub and Personal Organizer) 

The Apps

Once SPAMFree is released and leaving to the set expectations, you can expect several sub apps to follow. These apps and sub-apps make up CHaO. Much more than an email client CHaO is a full featured self contained Communication Platform a liberator and a unifier. A collection of Apps and Sub-Apps that free and empower its users and they are all yours at no additional charge, and only if choose to implement as part of your Communication Hub. 

SPAMFree is an element of CHaO 

(Communication Hub and Organizer)  

SPAMFree is more than an app; it's key element of Communication Hub and Organizer (CHaO), a comprehensive online based communication software service. It runs on cloud servers, and delivers and syncs content between every device that you might use.

You can access SPAMFree or CHaO with virtually any device, desktop or mobile. To make this possible, SPAMFree syncs to all your existing mail accounts regardless of device. The only prerequisite, you have to have internet access through one of the popular browsers. Our servers store metadata about your messages (not the messages themselves, however!) you can expand folders and share emails and files from multiple mail servers and platforms with your friends without unnecessarily sending emails or notifications.

Communication Hub & Organizer Elements

Contacts Connect - Same old boring address book but not as boring. 

Things To Do - make your list and invite your friends from your social channels to participate. 

Calendar Private, Shared and Public - not all calendar are alike. The CHaO's calendar is a multi-uses calendar. You not only can use for your own private affairs, but one you can also see what is going on near or where you plan to be. Never overcrowded and never SPAM. You always have 100% control.

Instant Connect - a chat like sub-app that allows you to connect with your friends, favorite places, search and things using augmented reality. Just point and scan you mobile device to see where what you are looking for is.  

Email Features - SPAMFree. Read/Unread, Follow Up, New Mail, Team Mail, Reply, Reply All, Reply & Delete, Forward, Delete

CHaO is Subscription-Based

CHaO is more that a mail client. Our apps are free, but the service is paid for, much like other online productivity tools. We'll never ask you have to opt-out of advertising, but you can choose to opt-in and generate money from it.  is no longer a defaultHowever, for the scope of this crowdfund effort, CHaO is completely  

Here's the best part though - while a limited number of bakers who pre-purchase pay only $10 for a lifetime, those that do not participate during this on this crowdfund drive will never have to pay more than $24 per year (that's $2 a month that will safe you hundreds of priceless and wasted hours). 

What platforms does CHaO support?

Desktop: Mac, Windows, Linux. 32 & 64 bit.
Mobile: iOS, Android, some Blackberries. Windows mobile phone is planned for a subsequent release.

Web: Mobile and desktop versions, most modern browsers.