Dear Investors

We welcome Restaurant owners and operators to invest and participate to provide input to set iFoodiac future directions.

Since we don't have a set valuation for iFoodiac, the only type of investment we can accept at this time is unsolicited "Convertible Debt" which implies that the valuation will be set at a later date -- like when another round of capital is raised, For example. Please consult with your attorney before engaging an investment route. 

To contact us email [email protected]

Meanwhile, start working with iFoodiac by signing up for some of the services we offer, Become a host and get up to 25% of the monthly revenue we generate with you. Keep in mind neither you or your customers will never be exposed to anything we or our customers offer unless they want to.  Over time you can expect new apps to make your life in the restaurant industry easier without having to sell your child.