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Free Happens
Free Happens
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Free Happens Loyalty Game. 

Free to use users and merchants only pay when the app works for them the use cost is from .25 cents to $1.00 each time they make a sale. 

The loyalty cost is preset by the merchant by percentage of use. Example the merchant can set the percentage to 5% of sales the Free Happens generated, So if Free Happens helped generate $1,000 in sales the merchant cost will be $50. in product discount, plus the use cost. Use Cost is only calculated when a sale is made, no assumptions. If the average order is $50 @ $1 per use then the use cost is $20. for the sales the app generated. 

It is a game and people like to play.

Who benefits from Free Happens? Restaurants, service stations, jewelry stores, local stores online and offline. One this becomes popular in your community it will became the best and least expensive form of advertising.  


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